Morn Feltore

Player Character - Ethan Walters


Race- Warforged

Class- Paladin

LVL- 2

HP- 27

STR- 12

DEX- 12

INT- 12

CHA- 10

AC- 17

MS- 3


Machina: The player is a magical construct and can only be healed through spells or a person who is knowledgeable about your construction performing a repair check. Potions and food have no effect. The player is immune to sleep, necrotic and poison damage and takes double damage from lightning damage.


Heal (level 1)- Player heals 5 hp. All allies within 50 feet of the player are also healed.

Taunt (level 1)- Player can taunt enemies within 30 feet away.

Shield Bash (level 1)- Knocks the enemy back 10 feet dealing 1d6 damage on impact.

Block (level 1)- Once per round, have the chance to block with d20 roll


One Handed Mace- 1d6

Tower Shield- + 3 AC


Plate Armor- + 4 AC


S-30 G- P-

Repair KIt- 10 uses – use 1 turn, back to max health

Amulet Of Regeneration- heals 5 health at the end of my turn

3 Enchanted Books – to be determined


Morn Feltore

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